CEO Talks

什麼是CEO Talks?

CEO Talks是由卓越職場研究所進行的一系列全新訪談。 每集我們將採訪来自不同行業和不同規模的跨國公司或中小企業的行政總裁。 每位CEO都與我們分享他們的故事,分享他們的學習和成功之道,包括如何建立一个美好的職場,以及面對每天的不同挑戰。 在每個故事中,我們都設有獨特的主題向大家分享。


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DHL Express

“When you practice people empowerment, there must always be a ‘Trust’ element instilled. Never use the person you doubt; never doubt the person you use.”
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“Fundamentally, we believe, to act out your best, you need to enjoy, have fun, and have things to look forward to in your day-to-day.”
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Galton Voysey

“I do the best I can, but so much of it comes from everybody in the company coming together thinking about how to make a better workplace.”
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“We believe that when we look after our team members while they are working in Hilton, in return, they will naturally commute their experience to our customers.”