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Great Place to Work® Institute’s best companies initiatives research and recognise leading workplaces in more than 60 countries worldwide. Based on data representing over 10 million employees, these best companies competitions form the world’s largest and most respected study of workplace excellence and people management practices.

Great Place to Work®‘s methodology is recognised as rigorous and objective, setting the standard for defining great workplaces for business, academia and government use. The findings are published annually in prestigious media channels across the globe, such as FortuneHandesblatt, and Le Figaro Économie. They represent the definitive employer-of-choice and workplace quality recognition any company can receive.

The unparalleled insight into workplace culture gained through this study enables us to support you in your efforts to develop your workplace, thus setting your business apart from your competitors. That’s why our best companies lists are much more than publicity and rankings. The reports and feedback you get are intended to provide practical knowledge and tools to help you truly transform your workplace.

  • 1. Autodesk Software (China) Co., Ltd.
  • 2. Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
  • 3. CI&T China, Inc.
  • 4. Cisco
  • 5. DHL Express Hong Kong & Taiwan

Want to see your company on the list?

Great Place to Work® aims to make the process of participating in our best companies programme as simple and straightforward as possible. There are 5 basic steps: 

If you want to see your company on the Best Companies to Work for® Greater China list, apply now.

To apply to a list in a specific country, please register through that country’s Great Place to Work®website. Within each country’s website, you can see if you’ll meet that list’s specific eligibility requirements and also receive deadline information regarding the steps in the process.

If you are interested in centrally coordinating your list application across several countries, please contact Christine De Cock-Everaert who will assist you with a global applications process.

We distribute our Trust Index© employee survey either on-line or in paper format.  (Note that all employee surveys are completely anonymous.)  You also submit information about your organisation’s programmes and policies through our Culture Audit©. Two-thirds of your results are based on the Trust Index employee survey and one-third on the Culture Audit management questionnaire.

Our best companies evaluators analyze the data after your employees have completed the survey and you have submitted information about your programmes and policies.  We look at the results and judge them according to our global, standardised Great Place to Work® Model©.

Most organisations decide to use the benchmarks, analysis and survey results generated through this assessment process to measure the health and success of their workplace and pinpoint potential activities that will help them improve their culture and business results.  The Trust Index Feedback Report and other survey results can be provided within weeks of the survey closing.

Once an organisation’s results have been analyzed, we will rank a portion of those that apply in one of our our Best Companies lists. Not all applicants find themselves on the list, but all organisations have access to the Feedback Report and other survey results.  Successful organisations will be notified if they are recognised as a Best Company and their companies will be recognised by that country’s media partner. In many countries, recognition also is available through prestigious gala awards ceremonies and through Best Companies-specific executive events, conferences, and presentations.

Please visit our country sites for more information about specific list’s application timelines and eligibility requirements.  Or, for assistance in coordinating centralised application to multiple countries’ lists, please contact Christine De Cock-Everaert.